Tutoring at the University of Bath

This page has my notes on the MA20221 module in Modelling and dynamical systems.

The two tutorials I lead are:

  • Group 6C Tuesdays 11:15
  • Group 7 Tuesdays 16:15

In general, problem sheets are due in the Friday of the week that I go through the content for them. This means that Problem sheet $N$ will be due on Friday 5pm of week $N+1$ as the other questions will have been covered that Tuesday.

The content may vary but the idea is that I will provide some notes on the previous problem sheet, focusing on mistakes that were made. I may have small sections on the lecture content from the previous week but the online notes and lecture slides seem to provide a good summary of the content so I may not always provide my own if they don’t seem worth it. I’ll also provide hints for the coming problem sheet and occasionally solutions to the questions I go through in the tutorial if the written solutions on moodle are different to how I did it or are missing details.