Modelling Photosensitive Chlorine Dioxide–Iodine–Malonic Acid (CDIMA) Reactions


The CDIMA reaction is a naturally photosensitive system in which the reaction rates depend on the intensity and presence of white light. Striking spatial and temporal heterogeneous patterns are observed as the reaction progresses, and the photosensitivity allows a great deal of control in modulating these oscillations. In this talk, I will show the work I did at the Oxford Modelling Camp. Here we started by analysing a simpler system of chemical reactions that show pattern formation. I will explain how we formulated a general process for analytical and numerical analysis of chemical reactions of this type and how we used the simple set of reactions to test the general method and study pattern growth. Finally, I will talk about how we can apply the general methods to the CDIMA reaction.

May 13, 2021 10:15 AM
Bath Postgraduate Student Seminar