Cars, Pedestrians and Fish as Interacting Brownian Particles

Formation of Phantom Traffic Jams


Why do traffic jams appear on a stretch of road when there’s no crash or bottleneck? Why do fish decide to swim in the same direction? This talk will give an overview on the work I’ve been doing on stochastic interacting particle systems. We’ll see how we can take a relatively simple, general model for a group of particles and describe how it behaves on a large scale and why this could answer the questions above. I’ll show you some examples, some grounded in real world scenarios and one which is simply bizarre, but all will be accompanied with pictures and animations like the one below.

Mar 18, 2021 10:15 AM
Bath Postgraduate Student Seminar
Jeremy Worsfold
Jeremy Worsfold
PhD in Applied Mathematics and Collective Behaviour

My research interests include Collective Behaviour, speficially swarming models and interacting particles Systems. I also have interests in Reinforcement Learning and Scientific Computing.