Hybrid methods: innovative or a waste of time? You decide!


In this somewhat maths deficient PSS talk, I plan to convince you that hybrid models are very useful for simulating multi-scale systems. And if not, well at least there is (virtual) cake afterwards! Join me for a (mostly pictorial) journey through several different hybrid approaches to simulate reaction-diffusion systems; an important group of models for explaining, predicting and answering the big questions in biology such as: Why do some mice have belly spots? How can we stop the next big pandemic from destroying us all? (If only we had paid attention back then!) Why can’t a leopard change its spots (into stripes at the very least)? We will then move onwards to some of my own work, creating new models which add in extra biological realism or simply fill a gap in the market. Health warning: may contain traces of maths, a pinch of biology and some weird images. Fun cannot be guaranteed.

Oct 22, 2020 10:15 AM
Bath Postgraduate Student Seminar